Coronavirus field hospital patient say care is high quality

October 26, 2020 GMT

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A Fox Valley woman treated at the state field hospital for coronavirus patients in suburban Milwaukee says her decision to transfer to the facility wasn’t an easy one, but she says ultimately she received better care.

Thirty-four-year-old Amanda Best not only tested positive for COVID-19, but was also diagnosed with double pneumonia and has asthma.

She was a patient in an Appleton hospital where officials asked her if she would be willing to move to the state’s Alternate Care Facility on the Wisconsin Fairgrounds in West Allis. The field hospital was set up to treat coronavirus patients who are not severely ill, but still require medical support after hospitalization or emergency room admittance.

When Best was considering the move last Wednesday, the field hospital had already handled and sent home its first patient, so she would be the only patient there.


“If I’m going to be the only person there, I probably will have more care than I have right now, so that was kind of what led me to the decision to say, ‘alright, I’ll be the only person there, let’s go,’” Best said. “So I’m glad I did.”

Ultimately, Best wants anyone hesitant about being moved to the field hospital to know about her experience. Best said she is confident in the decision and care she’s now getting, WTMJ-TV reported.

“They know exactly what they’re doing, I honestly feel like I’m at one of the best hospitals in the world,” Best said. “It doesn’t even feel like I’m at a makeshift type situation.”