Massachusetts courthouse closed for mold abatement

August 26, 2021 GMT

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (AP) — The discovery of mold throughout a Massachusetts courthouse has prompted the Hampden District Attorney and the Hampden County Register of Deeds to relocate staff who worked in the building.

The Roderick Ireland Courthouse in Springfield was closed Wednesday and the two department heads said their staff will not return without assurances that the building is not an environmental health hazard, the Springfield Republican reported.

“They will return only at a time when I am satisfied that it is safe and healthy to inhabit the building,” District Attorney Anthony Gulluni said.

Images provided to the newspaper by staff show mold on the walls, floors, ceilings, ventilation ducts, chair arms, books and a courtroom microphone.


“It’s not safe,” Hampden County Register of Deeds Cheryl Coakley-Rivera said. “I can’t subject my people to going back in there, now or ever.”

Erika Gully-Santiago, spokesperson for the Massachusetts Trial Court, which oversees all courthouses in the state, says that an environmental testing firm has been hired and arrangements are being made for a licensed mold abatement company.

Gully-Santiago did not specify when the work would be completed.