Dead and dying seabirds identified off Maine coast

June 24, 2022 GMT

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A Maine Audubon scientist is alarmed by reports of more dead seabirds — this time in Casco Bay.

Shannon Silverson, who lives on Peaks Island, noticed about 30 dead and dying birds this week. “It was just a dreadful feeling,” she told WGME-TV.

Doug Hitchcox of the Maine Audubon Society suspects the dead and dying great black-backed gulls on Mink Rocks, just east of Cliff Island, were victims of avian flu. But tests will be needed to confirm that, he said.

This wasn’t the only alarming instance of dead birds being found in the region. Hundreds of dead cormorants washed up on the shores of Martha’s Vineyard earlier this week.