Police escort NYSP trooper’s wife, family before major surgery

April 13, 2017 GMT


New York State Police in Plattsburgh gave a special escort to one family Wednesday. Troopers escorted a fellow officer and his wife who went to get her head shaved before a major surgery.

Jillian Duda has been living as a spastic paraplegic since suffering strokes over a decade ago. She says her condition puts her in intense pain daily. This Friday, she’s going to Syracuse for a surgery that could take the pain away.

“The new Jill will be a new mom and a new wife, and I will stand to my words, and I will be what I should be,” said Duda.

Duda’s husband is a New York State Police trooper in Plattsburgh and on Wednesday, the family got a special escort by police to a hair salon where Duda planned to get her head shaved in preparation for surgery.

“State police is a family and it’s good to see that we can get together in difficult times and show our support to members that are going through a difficult time,” said Sgt. Ryan Fountain, New York State Police.


Troopers and even her 11-year-old son lined up to get their heads shaved to show their support.

“It was amazing. The state troopers definitely I’d like to say thank you for all that they have done,” said Duda.

Over the years, Duda regained some mobility in her legs thanks to muscle memory and she’s even been able to walk in marathons across the region. She says this new surgery could cost her that muscle memory and put her in a wheelchair for life. But it’s a risk she’s willing to take to escape the pain.

“My husband fell in love with me in a wheelchair, and if I’m back in a wheelchair he will still be in love with me, and my son will fight and my son will love me no matter what if I’m in a chair or if I’m standing,” said Duda.

No matter the outcome, she’ll have the community by her side.