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-Male fertility

-Sex trafficking myths




Male fertility is declining – studies show that environmental toxins could be a reason


COMMENTARY People are exposed to toxic substances – like pesticides, chemicals in plastics and radiation – every day. A growing body of research shows that this exposure is causing a decline in male fertility. 995 words. By Ryan P. Smith, University of Virginia

Freeing Britney requires reconsidering how society thinks about decision-making capacity

COMMENTARY Conservatorships significantly restrict people’s ability to make decisions for themselves. Other options can provide support while maintaining respect for autonomy. 903 words. By Elyn Saks, University of Southern California

‘Outing’ of priest shines light on power -- and partisanship -- of Catholic media

RELIGION An article that used geolocation data to place a priest at gay bars raises questions over journalistic ethics, and shines a light o on the Catholic media landscape. 1276 words. By Peter Cajka, University of Notre Dame

Fasting may have become a health fad, but religious communities have been doing it for millennia

RELIGION A scholar of religion explains what those who fast for health and fitness can learn from religious traditions for a sustained, deeper and lifelong practice. 740 words. By Iqbal Akhtar, Florida International University

Farmers markets are growing their role as essential sources of healthy food for rich and poor


COMMENTARY Farmers markets aren’t just for yuppies – they are increasingly serving customers at all social and economic levels, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 942 words. By Edna Ledesma, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Alfonso Morales, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Activision Blizzard lawsuit shows gamer culture still has a long way to go: 5 essential reads about sexual harassment and discrimination in gaming and tech

COMMENTARY Sexual harassment and discrimination in gaming and tech is not inevitable or permanent, write experts in the field. The solutions are positive community standards and women in power. 1139 words. By

Condo board leaders can help prevent the next Surfside-style disaster by setting aside more money

COMMENTARY An expert on condo management explains why associations should commission new studies that determine how much money they need to set aside for repairs every three to five years. 1098 words. By Patrick Hohman, Bellarmine University

Tu cerebro necesitará tiempo para adaptarse al final del distanciamiento social

COMMENTARY ¿Listo para festejar pospandemia, pero al mismo tiempo tímido? Aqui vera como el distanciamiento social afecta al cerebro y lo que las investigaciones sugieren sobre los efectos de resocialización. 1214 words. By Kareem Clark, Virginia Tech

Sex trafficking isn’t what you think: 4 myths debunked – and 1 real-world way to prevent sexual exploitation

COMMENTARY Children are not routinely being snatched from pizza parlors and sold into sexual slavery. Sex trafficking more often looks like ‘vulnerable people struggling to survive’ through sex. 965 words. By Corinne Schwarz, Oklahoma State University

Congress moves to reclaim its war powers

COMMENTARY A new proposal also puts pressure on presidents to evaluate their foreign policy objectives more clearly to determine whether military action is, in fact, appropriate. 1034 words. By Sarah Burns, Rochester Institute of Technology

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