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-Wildfire smoke

-Less addictive opioids

-Covid vaccines



Designing less addictive opioids, through chemistry


COMMENTARY While the COVID-19 pandemic raged on, the opioid epidemic got worse as drug overdose deaths soared. New research proposes a way to chemically modify opioids to reduce the risk of addiction. 871 words. By Aaron W. Harrison, Austin College

School posts on Facebook could threaten student privacy

COMMENTARY When school officials post photos about students on Facebook, they may be inadvertently enabling data mining firms and others to use the information for other purposes, new research has found. 1094 words. By Joshua Rosenberg, University of Tennessee

As coastal flooding worsens, some cities are retreating from the water

COMMENTARY Done right, managed retreat redesigns communities to be better for everyone. Here’s how it’s evolving for the future. 1056 words. By A.R. Siders, University of Delaware and Katharine Mach, University of Miami

How ‘In God We Trust’ bills are helping advance a Christian nationalist agenda

RELIGION ‘In God We Trust’ became the national motto of the US on July 30, 2021. Since then, it has been used to forward a conservative Christian agenda. 1232 words. By Kristina M. Lee, Colorado State University

What’s in wildfire smoke? A toxicologist warns there are lots of dangerous components

COMMENTARY New research found that smoke from the Camp Fire in Paradise, California, carried high concentrations of lead. An environmental toxicologist explains what else you’re breathing and how to stay safe. 955 words. By Luke Montrose, Boise State University

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