Kevin Cramer embraces Trump, targets Heidi Heitkamp’s support of Hillary Clinton in new ad

June 18, 2018 GMT

Rep. Kevin Cramer, a GOP Senate hopeful in North Dakota, is set to campaign with President Trump ahead of the midterms, and he’s reminding voters the Democratic incumbent backed Hillary Clinton over Mr. Trump in a new television ad released Monday.

The 30-second ad airing in North Dakota features a flashback of current Sen. Heidi Heitkamp proclaiming Ms. Clinton would be one of the greatest presidents.

“Hillary lost but Heidi remains a reliable vote for these liberal ideas: repealing your tax cuts, funding sanctuary cities, permitting late term abortions,” the ad’s voice-over says. “When you think about it, Heidi consistently votes against our North Dakota values.”

The two candidates are squaring off in a much-watched race. Voters in 2016 backed Mr. Trump by a 36-point margin over Ms. Clinton, and Republicans hope to turn Ms. Heitkamp’s Senate seat red to help bolster the GOP’s slim majority.


“In recent weeks, Senator Heitkamp has attempted to convince North Dakotans of her conservative ideals and her alleged allegiance to President Trump,” said Tim Rasmussen, communications director for Mr. Cramer’s campaign. “But North Dakota voters know better. Heitkamp spent her time in Washington voting with Barack Obama 88 percent of the time and opposing North Dakotans to back out-of-touch liberals like Hillary Clinton.”

Real Clear Politics lists the North Dakota Senate race as a toss-up, but a Gravis poll from February had Ms. Heitkamp with a three-point lead.