Holiday budgeting for savvy consumers

November 16, 2017 GMT

(StatePoint) Sticking to one’s budget is important all year long, but doing so during the holiday season can be especially tricky, when expenses run high and festive cheer makes it difficult to put the brakes on over-spending.

To get a better handle on spending this season, consider the following tools and tips.

Make plans

Decide exactly what the plans are this season. Will there be traveling? Will there be hosting for a dinner party? What does the holiday shopping list look like? Add budget line items for all the associated expenses and put a price cap on each one.

Add it up


Seek out tools that help make the logistics of staying within budget simple, such as desktop and printing calculators like Casio’s HR-100TMPlus, a 12-digit printing calculator with a large, easy-to-read display.

It is especially well-suited for organized budget planning, as it offers special keys for tax calculations and has two-color printing, enabling shoppers to color code positive entries as black and deductions or purchases as red.

For additional information on Casio’s portfolio of calculators, visit Casio.com.

Take steps to save

Make more space in the budget during the holiday season with smart strategies. Use free apps to help to score deep discounts on favorite retailers. Crafty or handy persons might want to consider DIY-ing certain gift items and greeting cards. Suggest a day of volunteer service at a workplace in lieu of a gift exchange.

Don’t get impulsive

When in the store aisles, it’s easy to make impulse purchases, particularly during the holidays when every display is designed to make a person spend. Make a shopping list and then adhere to it.

To start 2018 on the right foot, spend no more than what was intended by using tech tools and smart strategies.