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Gebo’s ex-girlfriend talks about Gebo, and the homicide case

July 20, 2017 GMT

BARRE, Vt. -

Lisa Sayman last saw Randal Gebo July fifth.

“I knew something was kind of funny with him when he came in,” said Lisa, Gebo’s ex-girlfriend.

But she didn’t know what exactly was wrong. Lisa says she dated Gebo for five years, and that he had come by to drop off Jack, who is a golden retriever they once owned together. Even though they broke up two years ago, Lisa would still watch the dog from time to time.

“He was pretty good to me when we were together, even though he had a quick temper,” said Lisa.


Gebo used to live at Lisa’s house with her mother Josephine, who didn’t want her face shown on camera. Josephine was there when Gebo said he was leaving to get chemotherapy treatment in Boston.

“I asked him how long he was going to be gone and he said 15 days,” said Josephine. “He just said he’d probably be bald by the time he’d come back.”

That’s not where police say Gebo went. Investigators say this person of interest in the Cindy Cook homicide investigation traveled the country, in Cook’s car and using Cook’s credit card. The Saymans were shocked to hear that Gebo’s current girlfriend was found dead on the side of the road in Middlesex, and that police were on the hunt for him.

When asked if Gebo had any involvement in Cindy Cook’s homicide, Josephine replied, “It’s kind of hard to believe but you never know. You think you know a person but not really.”

Lisa tells us she didn’t look outside to see which car Gebo was driving when she last saw him. She says though Gebo seemed off the day she last saw him, she didn’t think he was a violent person.

“One time he went and smashed my phone. He took his hands and literally smashed it, but that’s the only time he’s ever done anything to me. He never laid a hand on me. He never did anything,” said Lisa.

Detectives reached out to the hospital Gebo said he was going to and officials couldn’t find his name in their system.

Police are still looking for information about the Cook homicide investigation and ask anyone with information to report it.