Flooding causes stress, anxiety for Matthew victims

April 25, 2017 GMT

Sunday and Monday’s flooding, while alarming for all central North Carolina residents, was extremely concerning for Cumberland County residents, many of who are still rebuilding from Hurricane Matthew’s damage.

Dolores Priest has lived on Lakewood Drive since 1965. She spent the past 24 hours on pins and needles. Heavy rains sent the Little Rockfish Creek creeping into her backyard.

“I’m fearful every time it starts raining,” she said. “Because naturally when you start losing all of your possessions, it’s very fearful. You become overwhelmed.”

Priest has every reason to feel overwhelmed. She’s still recovering from flood damage caused by Hurricane Matthew. She says 14 inches of water from the hurricane chased her out of the house in October. It damaged just about all of her personal belongings.

Debris still litters her backyard.

“All of the food was exposed,” Priest said. “I was hoping to salvage some of the food out of it, which weren’t able to salvage any of the food out.”


But Priest said she is counting her blessings. Heavy rain from Monday night’s storm put Rockfish Creek back in her backyard, but this time, the water stayed out of her house.

“I’m just blessed that I am okay and you know I lived through it,” Priest said. “And I could have lost a lot more.”