Albertsons Idaho Falls customer wins $1,000,000 playing Monopoly

BOISE— Albertsons announced today that Idaho Falls customer Mary D. has won a $1 million prize in the Albertsons Companies’ 2018 Monopoly Shop, Play, Win! game. Mary won the prize by shopping at her local store and collecting all eight markers needed to fill up the $1 million cash prize space on the Monopoly game board.

“Customers across the country have redeemed more than $60 million in prizes and money saving offers so far in this year’s Monopoly Shop, Play, Win! game,” said John Colgrove, President of Albertsons Companies Intermountain Division. “This is the first million-dollar prize won this year, we still have five more in play, and we guarantee that there will be at least one more million-dollar prize awarded. We are so pleased that one of our loyal Idaho customers has won the first grand prize. There are a few weeks left in the Monopoly Shop, Play and Win!® game, so there are still millions in cash and prizes available for customers to SHOP, PLAY, and WIN in our stores.”

“When the Monopoly game begins in February, anticipation for this day builds for the entire Albertsons team,” said Corey Leatham, Albertsons District Manager. “This million-dollar prize could have been awarded anywhere in the country with an Albertsons Companies’ store. Having lived and worked in Idaho Falls for many years, it is an incredible experience to present the check to one of our local customers.”

The Monopoly Shop, Play, Win! began on Wednesday, February 7 and ends on Tuesday, May 8 or when game tickets run out. Customers can win by collecting markers for the game board or can vie for thousands of prizes in the online game on their computer or using the Shop, Play, Win! app available on the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

The grand prize was awarded at a ceremony held at the Albertsons store at 1705 Broadway in Idaho Falls, ID.