James Schreiber: The day after Trump loses

October 30, 2016 GMT

It looks like it is a pretty foregone conclusion at this point: baring a miracle or an act of God, Donald J. Trump will go down to ignominious defeat on Nov. 8.

It is not that the rest of us are so enamored with Hillary. We are not. Quite to the contrary. She has been shown to be an enormously flawed candidate and person. Almost any other Republican candidate, from Mitt Romney, to John Kasich, to Jeb Bush to even possibly Marco Rubio, would have soundly defeated her. Given the raft of disclosures about her private email server, including the 30,000 emails forensically erased from both her server and her attorneys’ server, and leaked emails showing a questionable inter connection between the Clinton Foundation and her service as Secretary of State, it is undeniable that the whole thing stinks. Taken together, all the revelations would have rightfully tanked any other candidate.


In fact, a profitable business before the election could be selling nose plugs at voting booths across the nation so voters have both hands free to reluctantly vote for the least undesirable candidate.

So the reader understands my point of view, I am a lifelong Republican. I strongly believe in what I regarded as bedrock Republican principles: the basic decency of the United States, the exceptionalism of America, smaller government, respect for the Constitution, for individual freedom and the laws of this country, a strong consistent foreign policy that supports our allies and deters our enemies, that welcomes immigrants (since we are a country of immigrants), that encourages entrepreneurship and individualism while providing a safety net for those in need. I also believe in the importance of basic civility to those with whom I disagree. So I must acknowledge that I write this piece with a heavy heart since I have grave concerns about the damage this election is dong to the country I love.

The reasons it is a foregone conclusion Donald Trump will go down to defeat is that he has revealed himself to be so vile, so divisive, so arrogant, and so disrespectful of what America is, what our values are and what binds us together as a country of immigrants, that come November 8th the American people will soundly reject him. My hope is that it will be a resounding defeat not only for him but also for everything he stands for and importantly a categorical rejection of all the appalling and revolting things he has so arrogantly said, including his repeated lies of Shakespearean proportion.

Putting aside for the moment of how did we get here, with two presidential nominees from this country’s two major political parties with the highest unfavorable ratings in memory if not in history, one question is what should we do the day after the election is over and Hillary wins? My thought is that there should be a conscious effort — by all thoughtful Americans repulsed by his conduct — to shun Donald J. Trump.


It cannot be that we simply go about our business as usual when our processes have been so tarnished, where we have been so repeatedly insulted and disgusted, if not repulsed by Trump’s conduct. We need to cleanse the damage he has done by standing unequivocally for what is good about America, for its basic decency, but also for the proposition that what he represents — the intolerance, the arrogance, the racism, misogyny, the willingness to repeatedly cast aspersions, to casually offering up clearly unconstitutional means to suit short term objectives, his know-nothing attitude about the military and foreign affairs (not to mention the threat ISIS really presents), and his proud unwillingness to learn and grow — are all an anathema to who we are as Americans. And then add to that his stated unwillingness to accept an electoral outcome unless he wins!

So what is a possible way we can convey our categorical rejection of what he has spewed? To shun him, to cease all interaction with him, to never voluntarily mention his name again and to deny him any further publicity, since it is only publicity he seeks. And to refuse to buy anything that bears his name, since it is also our money — as well as our attention — that he seeks. After the election, nothing he will say or do will be relevant or worth even discussing, let alone mentioning.

The cure the damage he has caused this country is to deny him any forum, any audience and any publicity and any benefit from the hate and intolerance he has spewed. No one should care what he says the day after the election. He will have become unimportant and irrelevant. He will thankfully have lost decisively. We will see confirmed after all he is nothing but a LOSER!

You are fired Donald J. Trump! Don’t let the door hit you in your behind on your way out!

James Schreiber, Esq, a resident of Greenwich for more than 40 years and a former federal prosecutor who tried one of the Watergate-related cases, is a principal of Lumius Capital LLC, a litigation finance firm.