Delegates to consider censuring Romney over impeachment vote

April 29, 2021 GMT

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — GOP delegates attending the Utah Republican Party convention will consider a resolution this weekend to censure U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney for voting to impeach former President Donald Trump.

The Standard-Examiner reported that the party will consider the issue Saturday. Don Guymon, sponsor of the resolution and a delegate from Davis County, said Romney should be held accountable after voting against Trump in both impeachment trials.

“We’ll debate it. We’ll let Republicans decide if Mitt Romney should be held accountable,” Guymon said.

Romney’s office in Salt Lake City did not immediately respond to The Associated Press for comment on Thursday. State party officials didn’t immediately respond to a request from the newspaper seeking comment on the resolution.

Utah Republicans debated the possibility of censuring Romney after the second Trump impeachment trial.


Romney was the only Republican to vote for impeachment during the first trial, and one of seven Republicans to do so in the second trial.

Guymon said Romney’s votes “caused harm to our party, our country and ultimately the U.S. Constitution.” More specifically, Guymon claimed Romney’s vote and criticism was part of the reason the party lost control of the U.S. Senate last year.

A statement by the Platform Republicans PAC, a conservative group, made public in March also took issue with Romney, calling his votes “unjust and unethical.”

Larry Meyers, head of the PAC and a co-sponsor of Guymon’s resolution, warned of the harm Romney caused “to the Republican brand.”