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Virginia Tech will dissolve Student Government Association

February 19, 2021 GMT

BLACKSBURG, Va. (AP) — Virginia Tech will dissolve its Student Government Association and create a new undergraduate senate.

The Roanoke Times reported Wednesday that the university’s decision is aimed at increasing participation and diversity.

The announcement arrives months after accusations of dysfunction and sexism prompted a reevaluation of the association. A task force recommended this week that an Undergraduate Student Senate take on the role of student governance.


The task force formed in the wake of allegations of political infighting, sexism and cronyism. There also were multiple impeachment attempts, high turnover and extensive vacancies.

The new student senate will do away with the executive, legislative and judicial branches and create a body that would be made up of about 85 senators.

The change is also part of a larger reassessment and follows the formation of a governance committee tasked with defining guiding principles” for governance among “the collective voice of the faculty, student, and staff constituencies.”