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AP Top Extended International Headlines at 10:46 p.m. EST

February 10, 2021 GMT

A team of international and Chinese scientists looking for the origins of COVID-19 says the coronavirus most likely appeared in humans after jumping from an animal

Police have cracked down on demonstrators opposing Myanmar’s military coup, firing warning shots and shooting water cannons to disperse crowds that took to the streets in defiance of bans


Australia’s highest court has upheld a law that can keep extremists in prison after they have served their sentences

After examining satellite images, scientists believe that last weekend’s glacier disaster in northern India is linked to a landslide and an avalanche

Anyone arriving in England and found to have lied about a recent visit to a COVID-19 hot spot faces up to 10 years in prison under new tough border policies

What’s it like traveling to Japan, six months ahead of the Olympics

A 116-year-old French nun who is believed to be the world’s second-oldest person has survived COVID-19

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has unveiled an ambitious 10-year space program for his country that includes missions to the moon and sending Turkish astronauts into space

Russian film director Andrei Fenochka says his online series about queer young people is important for LGBTQ people in a country that bans gay “propaganda” among minors

Christie’s of Paris says it has auctioned off Tuesday about 30 pre-Hispanic sculptures and other artifacts, despite the lodging of a complaint by Mexico with the French government against the sale