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AP Top Extended International Headlines at 10:07 p.m. EDT

March 16, 2021 GMT

Germany, France, Italy and Spain have become the latest countries to suspend use of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine over reports of dangerous blood clots in some recipients, though the company and European regulators have said there is no evidence the shot is to blame

A dozen countries including Germany, France and Italy temporarily suspended their use of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine after reports last week that some people in Denmark and Norway who got a dose developed blood clots, even though there’s no evidence that the shot was responsible

The U.N. health agency says its global rollout of coronavirus vaccines remains unaffected even as a growing number of countries have suspended use of AstraZeneca’s vaccine amid concerns about blood clots in some people who received it

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has picked his fourth health minister since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, amid the worst throes of the disease in the country yet

Myanmar’s ruling junta has declared martial law in a wide area of the country’s largest city, as security forces killed dozens of protesters over the weekend in an increasingly lethal crackdown on resistance to last month’s military coup


Myanmar’s ruling junta has imposed martial law in parts of the country’s biggest city, a day after at least 38 people were killed in the bloodiest crackdown yet on resistance to last month’s military coup

The Vatican has decreed that the Catholic Church won’t bless same-sex unions, saying that God “cannot bless sin.”

President Joe Biden in his early days in office has vowed a dramatic reordering of U.S. foreign policy from his predecessor

The French government has announced that it is to return a Nazi-looted Gustav Klimt landscape painting to its rightful owners, eight decades after it was stolen from a Jewish family in Austria in 1938

Sarah Gao, a single mom, has been to court three times since 2017 to try to get her maternity benefits