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AP Top Extended International Headlines at 6:56 p.m. EDT

March 20, 2021 GMT

While Italy is better managing its latest coronavirus surge, one thing that hasn’t changed is that those who are dying are predominantly elderly


The top U.N. official in Myanmar says its people have huge expectations from the United Nations and the international community following the Feb. 1 coup

Police in the Thai capital have used water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets to break up a rally by pro-democracy protesters calling for the release of detained activists, constitutional changes and reform of the nation’s monarchy

Turkey has withdrawn from a European treaty protecting women from violence that it was the first country to sign and which bears the name of its largest city


Meteorologists in Iceland say the eruption of a long-dormant volcano is easing and shouldn’t interfere with air travel

Relatives say the leading opposition presidential candidate in Republic of Congo is receiving oxygen at a private hospital after being diagnosed with COVID-19

China says it has agreed with the U.S. to take up climate change and a handful of other issues, signaling a possible modicum of progress at recently concluded talks that were otherwise marked by acrimonious public exchanges

Japan has been rattled by a strong earthquake that shook buildings in the capital, Tokyo, and caused a tsunami advisory for the country’s northeast coast

Police in central Germany have used water cannons, pepper spray and batons against people trying to break through barriers during a protest against coronavirus restrictions

The Taliban have strongly warned the United States to honor its pledge to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by May 1 or face a “reaction.”