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AP Top Extended International Headlines at 11:39 p.m. EDT

April 6, 2021 GMT

North Korea says it will not participate in the Tokyo Olympics because of the coronavirus pandemic

European countries are scrambling to tamp down a surge in COVID-19 cases and ramp up vaccinations

Haiti does not have a single vaccine to offer its more than 11 million people more than a year after the pandemic began

Myanmar’s ruling junta has stepped up its campaign against celebrities who support nationwide protests against its seizure of power, publishing illustrated wanted lists in the state press and warning against using their work

Many in Myanmar have found a safer, more substantive way to protest the country’s military coup

Jordan’s palace and a confidant of a senior royal say mediation has successfully resolved an unprecedented public feud in the royal family

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law allowing him to potentially hold power until 2036, a move that formalizes constitutional changes endorsed in last year’s popular vote

Turkish authorities have detained 10 former admirals after more than 100 retired navy officers issued a midnight statement that government officials said evoked Turkey’s history of military coups

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption trial has resumed, with a key witness painting a picture of an image-obsessed Israeli leader forcing a prominent news site to flatter his family and smear his opponents

A new fissure has opened up at an Icelandic volcano that began erupting last month, prompting the evacuation of hundreds of hikers who had come to see the spectacle