What We Are Working on 2/20/2018 (VIDEO)

February 20, 2018 GMT

It’s Tuesday, Feb. 20. Here is some of what Sun staffers and other news providers are working on for lowellsun.com and Wednesday’s print edition.

Finally, the Pollard Memorial Library is preparing to reopen after

sustaining devastating water damage last month. Reporter Alana

Melanson, amelanson@lowellsun.com, has this story.

Lawmakers who say they’ve been targeted recently in their districts

by the right-leaning Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance plan to call on

state regulators Tuesday to force the non-profit group to register as

a political committee and disclose its donors. A complaint, obtained


by the State House News Service and signed by Sen. Jamie Eldridge

(D-Acton) and Rep. Natalie Higgins (D-Leominster), cites an alliance

mailer sent to Leominster voters that was critical of Higgins. Letters

were also sent to selectmen and city councilors in Eldridge’s district

knocking his support for the Safe Communities Act and urging local

officials to take positions against the bill, which is an immigration

law enforcement bill pending on Beacon Hill.

Get ready for really warm temperatures, followed by more wintry

conditions. The roller-coaster weather ride continues, reports Mills.

Good caper out of the local American Legion hall in Tyngsboro. A

local woman is upset that a plaque to her late father, an Army veteran

and longtime club member, went missing and no one seems to care or

know anything. Reporter Amaris Castillo, acastillo@lowellsun.com, has

this story.

Two men were arraigned in relation to the shooting death of Anthony

Luna, 24, of Lowell Monday morning. Mills covered the arraignment in

Lowell District Court.

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