Lands’ End to outfit The Weather Channel’s meteorologists

November 7, 2017 GMT

When The Weather Channel’s meteorologists are reporting live from the scene of a hurricane, they’ll be riding out the storm with protection from a Lands’ End jacket, from now on.

The Weather Channel and Lands’ End have signed a two-year partnership for the Dodgeville clothing and home goods company to provide outerwear and apparel for the network’s on-camera meteorologists in the field -- both for covering severe weather and for reporting regular, daily forecasts.

The arrangement began on Tuesday, with The Weather Channel reporting live from Dodgeville.

“We greatly admire The Weather Channel and respect their unwavering dedication to their millions of viewers as a trusted source for all weather conditions -- especially in times of extreme severe weather,” Lands’ End CEO Jerome Griffith said.


The Weather Channel’s live anchors apparently will also pitch the Lands’ End products they wear when they are out covering extreme weather. “As part of this partnership, meteorologists will regularly share insights on product functionality in the field with Lands’ End,” the two companies said in a joint news release.

Lands’ End also will provide everyday apparel, including polo shirts and chino pants, for appearances during non-severe weather.