Shattuck: No lamenting liberal Liz Warren’s fall from grace

March 11, 2017 GMT

Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is useless, teetering close to the ragged edge of pointless.

Apart from starring roles in childish protests and tough-guy Twitter rants, Warren is making no difference in Washington, D.C., and is no friend to her constituents in Massachusetts.

She spent the primary election virtually huddled under her desk while progressives implored her to help send their once-in-a-lifetime socialist dream, Bernie Sanders, to the White House.

Nothing doing. In the end, Liz forsook Subaru Sanders in favor of Cadillac Clinton.

To make amends, Warren voted against the wildly popular 21st Century Cures Act, which tackles the opioid epidemic, supercharges cancer research as part of Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot and cuts red tape out of the FDA’s drug development process.


But Warren and a few other frothing progressives barked about “Big Pharma” and “lobbyists” and cast their votes against the bill that even President Obama was proud to sign.

In case our senior senator hasn’t heard, we’ve got a bit of an opioid problem here in Massachusetts. We’ve also got a huge medical research community in the Bay State that will benefit from a good share of the billions of dollars allocated in the bill.

Just about everyone in this country is affected by cancer, and long delays in getting life-saving drugs to market are a bureaucratic tragedy. But don’t tell that to Elizabeth Warren. Cultivating the state of her own legend as a “fighter” is priority one, and far supersedes the needs of her own state, or the nation.

And she’s not even good at that.

Warren passionately defends Obamacare with no mention of skyrocketing prices that one might say are “hammering” the middle class. In lieu of offering any solutions, she snipes at the GOP’s repeal and replace efforts on Twitter: “A health care bill that destroys care & affordable coverage for millions – seriously? What planet are these guys living on?!”

Warren is called a “fighter” in liberal circles but her kind of fighting yields no tangible benefits, other than to reinforce the idea that she is a fighter.

Instead of fighting for more affordable coverage, she fights against the GOP.

Instead of fighting for a cure for cancer, she fights against lobbyists and “Big Pharma.”

Instead of fighting for Bernie Sanders, she fought against Donald Trump.

In reality, Elizabeth Warren only fights for Elizabeth Warren. In that, she persists.

If shadowboxing in speeches, protests, and on social media until 2020 will carry her to the White House is the big question. I guess you could say it depends what planet we’re living on at that point.