Coming: 20-16

November 3, 2016 GMT

#20. Just Friends

Smart Rating: 70.99Release Year: 2005Coming to Netflix: 11/4/2016Description: A music executive (Ryan Reynolds) tries to woo his high-school crush (Amy Smart) while keeping his suspicious ex-girlfriend (Anna Faris) at bay.

#19. Dough

Smart Rating: 72.32Release Year: 2015Coming to Netflix: 11/2/2016Description: An old Jewish baker (Jonathan Pryce) sees his struggling business boom when his young apprentice (Jerome Holder) accidentally drops marijuana into the dough.

#18. Thunderbolt

Smart Rating: 74.87Release Year: 1929Coming to Netflix: 11/18/2016Description: A condemned criminal (George Bancroft) plots revenge on the young man (Richard Arlen) who stole his gal (Fay Wray) and landed next to him on death row.


#17. Take Me to the River

Smart Rating: 77.11Release Year: 2015Coming to Netflix: 11/12/2016Description: A gay teenager (Logan Miller) faces accusations of abusing his 9-year-old cousin (Ursula Parker) during a family reunion in Nebraska.

#16. San Pietro

Smart Rating: 78.95Release Year: 1945Coming to Netflix: 11/18/2016Description: This documentary movie is about the battle of San Pietro, a small village in Italy. Over 1,100 US soldiers were killed while trying to take this location, which blocked the way for the Allied forces from the Germans.