Election analysis is focus of stories

November 15, 2018 GMT

The results of last week’s 2018 mid-term elections are, by now, well-known. But what did they mean? What impact will they have?

That’s the focus of a series of a two-day series of stories beginning in Wednesday’s Daily News and featuring the work of journalism students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The focus of the project was to visit with Madison County representatives of both major political parties, as well as a political science instructor from Wayne State College and a variety of Norfolk and area residents — all to solicit their opinions and get their thoughts on the election results.

The Daily News worked with the College of Journalism and Mass Communications from UNL in hosting two students — and their instructor, Julie Naughton — last Friday and Saturday and providing them with the reporting and writing assignments.

The students are Mia Azizah of Lincoln and Sierra Karst of Omaha.

Their work will be showcased in Wednesday’s edition, as well as Thursday’s edition of the Daily News.