Howard Schultz rips Sens. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren progressive policies

January 29, 2019 GMT

Howard Schultz, the former Starbucks CEO who may run in 2020 as an independent candidate, criticized the progressive policies promoted by two of the most prominent 2020 Democratic contenders Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris.

Mr. Schultz slammed Ms. Harris, who had her first town hall on CNN Monday night, for endorsing a Medicare For All bill that would virtually eliminate private healthcare plans.

“That’s not correct. That’s not American,” he said on CBS News. “What’s next? What industry are we going to abolish next? The coffee industry?”

The businessman had an equally critical opinion about Ms. Warren’s tax plan, which would impose a two percent tax on the wealthy elite with net worths greater than $50 million.

Mr. Schultz slammed the plan as “ridiculous” and said Ms. Warren only touted it for show.

“However when I see Elizabeth Warren come out with a ridiculous plan of taxing wealthy people a surtax of 2 percent because it makes a good headline or sends out a tweet when she knows for a fact that’s not something that’s ever gonna be passed, this is what’s wrong,” he said on NPR. “You can’t just attack these things in a punitive way by punishing people.”


Ms. Harris formally launched her presidential campaign over the weekend and Ms. Warren continues to build out her exploratory committee.

On Sunday, Mr. Schultz announced he was “seriously considering” a presidential run on “60 Minutes,” much to the ire of Democrats who feel that his campaign would siphon off votes from their nominee to President Trump’s benefit.