Kansas school district to give overwhelmed staff 2 days off

LANSING, Kan. (AP) — A Kansas school district is giving overwhelmed staff some extra time off heading into Thanksgiving break by using two of the extra days it had built into its schedule in case it had to close because of snow.

WDAF reports that the Lansing board of education’s decision to give staff Nov. 22 and 23 off as wellness days was based on the recommendation of Superintendent Dan Wessel.

“We realize our staff has been presented with an overwhelming amount of responsibility this school year amid the ongoing pandemic,” Wessel said this week. “We feel it is important to recognize the stress they have been put under and feel the time off will allow them time to rest, recharge, and come back ready to tackle the weeks leading up to winter break.”

The school district said that if the school district reaches the maximum number of snow days it will make them up before the end of the year.

The school district is also offering child care at no charge for families that need it during those two days.