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Kevin Hart: I’m going to be a thug dad

September 8, 2017 GMT

Kevin Hart has joked he will live a “thug life” after his wife Eniko Parrish gives birth.

The 38-year-old actor and his wife Eniko are expecting to welcome a son into the world in just two months time, and Kevin has teased that he won’t have to do anything to raise the tot except “talk to him”, because his wife and his two children Heaven, 12, and Hendrix, 9 — who he has with his ex-wife Torrei Hart — will take care of the rest.

He joked: “I got a boy coming, man. I’m gonna talk to him every once in a while. I’m like, ‘Yo, what up? You good?’ That’s my point, I don’t have to do nothing ... My daughter is 12, my son is nine about to be 10, my wife is right there — what I got to do something for? I don’t got to do nothing. It’s thug life over here, baby.”

But the “Captain Underpants” star already owns a BabyBjorn carrier, and also joked he is thinking of developing a special “hip pouch” to carry his new arrival.


Speaking about his baby carrier, he said: “So, I’m definitely going to rock that, my whole thing is being a cool dad. I’m also thinking about inventing, you know, those hip pouches. What I’m thinking about doing is ... where the baby could just be in this thing on my hip and I can chill.

“I just throw the baby on the hip, so that way I don’t really got to do nothing with my hands. I can be like, ‘Yo, what up?’ and you’ll be like, ‘Kev, what’s that?’ and I’m like, ‘It’s my baby, you know what I mean, on my hip.’ I’m just being different. My thing is as a thug dad, you got to learn how to mix it up, Kev.”

In a moment of seriousness, the “Central Intelligence” actor praised his 33-year-old spouse for being in “good spirits” during the final leg of her pregnancy.

Speaking to “Entertainment Tonight,” Kevin said of his wife: “She feels great. I roll her around a lot when we’re at the house. Listen, she is definitely in good spirits. We’re close, we’re like a month and a half away. She has no cravings, no crazy mood swings.”

— (Celebretainment)