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Khloe Kardashian shocked herself with new hair colour

August 1, 2017 GMT

Khloe Kardashian is “shocked” by her new “brond” locks.

The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star has dyed her hair darker as the autumn starts to come in and has revealed she loves her hair colour even more now her boyfriend Tristan Thompson has given her new colour his seal of approval.

She shared: “I just felt like I need a change. I love my blonde hair but I also felt it needed a break from bleach. Most people go dark in the fall but I wanted to gradually ease into the ‘dark side.’

“It’s still kind of a shock to me! I’m so used to my very blonde hair, so this more understated look takes some getting used to! But Tristan says he loves it (he loves anything I love, lol), so that makes me like it even more, LOL. (sic)”

And Khloe’s hair colour specialist Tracey Cunningham has revealed how they achieved the look.

She added on Khloe’s app: ”[It’s] a natural, organic transition that I see as a big winning look for fall. With that being said, ONE of my favorite Khloé attributes is that she is so A-OK with changing things up! She was so very blonde a week ago and in the height of summer, she changes it all up. In one night, we went from that gorgeous blonde she wears so well to a very sultry, golden light brown - aka ‘brond’ ...

“We kept Khloé’s ends lighter and added golden tones throughout, framing the face. It’s a fairly quick transition - about three hours, including one round of lowlights and glosses. I kept an eye on processing and coloring time and slowly added more gold to her blonde.”