Our Views: Mr. Gould goes to Kingman

November 29, 2018 GMT

New Mohave County Supervisor Ron Gould has an understandable reason for asking a lot of questions about county roads at his first supervisors’ meeting last week.

He’s from Lake Havasu City, currently residing in Yucca. This part of the county doesn’t see much of those county roads, including the private ones the county accepts for maintenance.

These tertiary roads were the topic at the meeting. Gould voted no on taking on more maintenance responsibility for the county. He joined Buster Johnson, also of Lake Havasu City, who consistently opposes the expansion of road maintenance.

Don’t read too much into the Gould/Johnson alignment but don’t discount it either. They represent an area of the county that receives little in return for its tax dollars sent to the county seat in Kingman.

A good example is road maintenance. The past month of weekly county road maintenance newsletters listed, among dozens and dozens of work sites, only a single item in the Havasu area: Sweeping around Havasu Heights.


Of course, when there are few county roads in this area, they don’t require as much maintenance.

There are more county roads around Meadview than around Lake Havasu City. County roads are much more common north of Interstate 40 and east of Kingman.

Maybe there are good reasons for handling county roads the way it is done. Or maybe not.

Finding answers is why a new supervisor has an obligation to ask a lot of questions. Getting answers from county staff has been a source of complaints from Johnson.

Gould’s quest to replace Lois Wakimoto on the county water authority board and other board seats held by the ousted supervisor was met with a smackdown. Supervisor Hildy Angius said Gould needed more experience before going on the water board.

We think a newcomer’s view on county water would be beneficial since the county’s approach to almost all water issues involves huge legal fees. It’s difficult to see the value of experience if it doesn’t produce at least some financial efficiency.

Gould will likely get pigeonholed as the supervisor who is against everything. He may well join Johnson in that role if he doesn’t get adequate answers.

On the other hand, when programs that benefit the whole county are rolled out, we expect that he’ll be on board.

— Today’s News-Herald