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Wayne Kaer: Start mussel plan in Lake Havasu

March 20, 2018 GMT


In response to the News-Herald’s Feb. 20 story about the invasive mussels. It should not take a rocket scientist to figure out that for starters, start in our beautiful Lake Havasu.

Start in the channel, go across to the island, across the lake, down to all harbors, boats parked. Yes they probably pay stall rent, but consider the boats that don’t move for months on end. Look at the bottoms and backs, outdrive etc. One to three inches of crud and mussels. Also floats. It’s not the boats they pull out after each use. But that’s who they stop and check go to Parker, Bullhead City, it doesn’t matter. If it don’t move, they will grow and grow.

Maybe if the city, Lake Havasu City, would spend a dime or two and do some work on the ramp at Site Six, people would be more inclined to pull and clean the boats. Site Six has been a disgrace for the last 10 years that I’ve been using it. $70,000 trucks can’t pull boats because of the angle and slip ramp; spend some of those millions from the southside project on something we can use. A backhoe with a long reach and thump will make short order of that rock pile that has cost hundreds of thousands to repair lower units, props, and embarrassment. Ya gotta love this place.

Wayne Kaer

Wrangell, Alaska