Blow back for LeGarrette Blount

April 7, 2017 GMT

Free agent or not, LeGarrette Blount shouldn’t be publicly complimenting LeBron James. That’s what a share of sports fans are saying on Twitter, anyway.

Amid the uncertainty about his future, Blount — who could still come back to the Patriots next season — watched LeBron’s Cleveland Cavaliers demolish the Celts Wednesday night.

At the game, Blount received an extremely public hug from Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft — and apparently bonded with James.

Afterwards, Blount took to Twitter, where he and James had a brotherly dialogue in front of the entire internet.

The exchange went like this: Blount tweeted to James, “Good game today @KingJames bro! Respect! Pleasure meeting you after the game fam!”

How sweet. LeBron responded to Blount, sharing similar sentiment towards the footballer: “Appreciate it bro! Nothing but Respect. Keep doing what you do.”

The virtual PDA continued, with one last tweet from Blount, telling James, “All love bro! Big fan! Idc what ppl say about you boss I’ll always! Respect!”


That’s heartwarming, right? Well, other Twitter users didn’t take too kindly to the bromance. For one thing, New England fans found it an act of betrayal for Blount to send a rival good vibes.

People tweeted at the running back, telling him to “stop it,” that he was rooting for the “wrong team man” and that he shouldn’t “say those things.”

One guy went so far as to tell Blount, “go play for the browns then #PatsNation.”

Blount has played for the Pats the past four seasons and wants to return to New England. In front of reporters, he recently made what seemed like a public plea to rejoin the team. Yahoo quoted him saying, “See, tell them I still got it. Give me some money.”

With uncertainty abounding about Blount’s future, we can be sure about one thing: His grill is quite the statement piece.