Laura Ebke will join Platte Institute

November 28, 2018 GMT

Sen. Laura Ebke of Crete will join the staff of the Platte Institute as its new senior fellow for job-licensing reform when she leaves the Legislature in January.

Ebke failed to win re-election to a second term in the Legislature earlier this month.

Earlier this year, the Libertarian state senator won legislative approval for a bill to review current requirements for nearly 200 job licenses in the state.

In her new position, Ebke will lead a Platte Institute project to educate policymakers and workers about upcoming implementation of the new law.

Under provisions of the law, legislative committees will be required to review 20 percent of the job licenses under their jurisdiction each year in a continuous five-year cycle.


The objective of the review process is to identify less restrictive regulations, such as certification, registration or inspection, that can address consumer and worker protection concerns without resorting to state licensing.

“If the Legislature sets a good example,” Ebke said, “it will not only help Nebraskans create more and better jobs and businesses, but it can inspire other states to reform their excessive job-licensing laws.”

The Platte Institute is a free-market think tank headquartered in Omaha that centers on economic research.

Meanwhile, Ebke said she has created new Twitter and Facebook accounts in order to be able to continue to “talk about policy ideas from a libertarian perspective.”

“During the campaign, I was referred to a few times as Libertarian Laura,” she noted, so that will be her new social media moniker.

Ebke was opposed by Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts in her bid for re-election; Ricketts was a founder of the Platte Institute in 2007.