1 proposed congressional map would split Douglas County

September 8, 2021 GMT

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A leading Republican lawmaker unveiled a new, proposed Nebraska congressional map on Wednesday that would split Douglas County in half, likely diluting Democratic strength in the only area where Democratic congressional candidates are competitive.

The proposed map is one of several presented to the Legislature’s Redistricting Committee, which will consider its options and unveil its final recommendations to the public on Friday, ahead of next week’s special legislative session.

The sponsor, state Sen. Lou Ann Linehan, of Omaha, had acknowledged on Tuesday that she was considering all options for maps, including ones that divided Douglas County. Her proposed map would keep southern Douglas County in the 2nd Congressional District, while adding all of Republican-friendly Sarpy and Saunders counties. Northern Douglas County would move into the 1st Congressional District, which leans Republican.


Republicans hold a majority on the Redistricting Committee, as they do in the full Legislature. However, they don’t have enough seats in the full Legislature to overcome a legislative filibuster, giving Democrats some leverage.

State Sen. Justin Wayne, an Omaha Democrat, produced a countering map that would keep all of Douglas County in the 2nd District but shrink number of Sarpy County residents within it. That would likely help Democrats because Sarpy County leans Republican.