Parents opposed to mandatory vaccinations rally in Oklahoma

February 8, 2016 GMT

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Dozens of parents opposed to mandatory vaccinations for their children are rallying at the Oklahoma Capitol.

About 100 people rallied Monday on the second floor of the Capitol, many of them wearing shirts that read “Oklahomans for Vaccine Choice” and “Medical Mandates are not OK.”

The group is opposed to efforts by the Legislature to require vaccinations for children who attend public schools. The only doctor in the Senate, Sen. Ervin Yen has introduced bills that would restrict a parent’s ability to opt out of vaccinations if the student attends a public school.


Under current law, a child can be exempted from vaccinations with a written objection from a parent or guardian. One of Yen’s bills would eliminate that exemption.


Senate Bill 830:

Senate Bill 1478: