Burlington City Council passes limits on short-term rentals

February 23, 2022 GMT

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) — The Burlington City Council has approved an ordinance restricting short-term housing rentals.

The measure, which passed 8-4 on Tuesday, limits property owners to renting out rooms in their homes or their entire home if they’re away but not separate units, such as apartments, for a short-term stay, WCAX-TV reported.

The aim is to provide more long-term rentals in Burlington. But critics say renting apartments to vacationers is not the cause of the city’s housing problems.

In June, Gov. Phil Scott vetoed a bill aimed to improve rental housing and safety statewide that would have required owners of short-term rentals to register their properties with the state. The Republican governor said the legislation added restrictions and costs and targeted all rental units, and would reduce the number of housing options at a time when the state is grappling with a critical housing shortage.