Water service restored in Danbury

April 25, 2018 GMT

DANBURY - Officials reported Wednesday that water service has been restored to the entire city but a boiling advisory remains in effect.

Mayor Mark Boughton tweeted early Wednesday that while service has been restored following a major water main break that impacted thousands of residents on the city’s east side, some precautions remain in effect.

Boughton advised residents to boil water before personal use. Showering with the city water is safe, however.

Students at Western Connecticut State University are also being advised not to wash their hands with tap water and instead use bottled water that is being provided.

“The university is distributing bottled water throughout Midtown for drinking, hand washing and other health uses,” read a statement released by the university.

The bottled water is a result of the water main break, officials said, and is not related to the recent outbreak of a norovirus on campus. Classes were canceled on Monday while officials sanitized the campus and researched the origin of the outbreak.


Boughton in his tweet on Wednesday praised the efforts of the city’s public works director and the crews that worked for more than two days on the broken main located near the intersection of East Hayestown Road and Tamarack Avenue.

The water main from the Margerie Reservoir could leak millions of gallons of water before it is stopped, Boughton said.

Whether the city had to use a special part that was manufactured by Total Piping Solutions and flown to the city from New York state wasn’t immediately clear Wednesday morning. Officials said Tuesday that they located a valve near the broken main and the part may not be necessary.