TalkBack for Feb. 25: Business, book fair and electricity

February 25, 2017 GMT


Forcing a private business to be unable to say no to providing goods for religious beliefs is politics, and it is naive to think otherwise.

Book fair

To the person who posted in TalkBack on Thursday about the AAUW Book Fair being in North Augusta for the sake of Augusta, you don’t know what you are talking about. Do you think we wanted to be that far? No, but we could not get a location in Aiken proper for the six weeks we need to set up. We have to have a large box building for our thousands of books and attic treasures area, as well as a large parking area. It takes me exactly 20 minutes to get to the new area. In the past , it sometimes took me that long to get to areas in Aiken. All of us are volunteers and all the money goes to help people in the community.


For a county and state that overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump, there seems to be an organized daily barrage of anti-Trump comments in TalkBack. The president is doing exactly what he campaigned on, and won, and basically all current actions are simply following the laws that were passed by Congress previously. Before you cast stones, do your research.



What a joke. The insert in my gas bill offers tips on how to save. These last two months have been warmer than usual, and I hardly used my gas heat. I anticipated low bills. Surprise. They were higher with that extra WNA charge. I was wondering what would happen when everyone’s bill had low usage. Now we know.