Amy Schumer asks Goldie Hawn for relationship advice

May 3, 2017 GMT

Amy Schumer has asked Goldie Hawn for relationship advice.

The 35-year-old actress has been dating boyfriend Ben Hanisch for over one year, but the blonde beauty is eager to know the secret to having longevity in a romance, which saw her pose the question to her ‘Snatched’ co-star, who has enjoyed 33 years with her 66-year-old partner Kurt Russell.

Speaking about the tips she sought from the 71-year-old actress to PEOPLE, the stand-up comedian said: ”[Goldie] and Kurt have been together forever. You’re like, ‘Tell me how it works.’ Of course you want to ask her as soon as you see her.”

And the ‘Trainwreck’ star has revealed the key to maintaining a strong love is for the couple to want to stay together and be in the relationship whole heartedly.

She explained: “You have to want to stay together is what she always says. It’s like two people have to want to be in it. You can’t work on that, either you want to be together or you don’t.”


And Amy is not only impressed by Goldie’s longstanding relationship, but she also admires ‘The First Wives Club’ star for maintaining her “independence”, her devotion to her family, including her daughter Kate, 38, as well as her sons Wyatt, 30, and Oliver, 40, and her acting ability.

The ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ creator said: “Her independence, she is her own person and she loves her family more than anything, but she’s her own person first and that’s a lesson I learned from her.

“She’s my favourite movie star ever and she’s so funny and then also so vulnerable and warm. There’s no one else I wanted to do [‘Snatched’] with.”