New Horizons begins effort to build community garden

November 26, 2017 GMT

More than an acre of desert land on Moyo Drive will be converted into a community garden next year for Havasu residents.

The Les Galst Community Garden lies nearly adjacent to New Horizons Center, a community organization for retired and disabled individuals that is leading efforts to build the site. It may be sand and rocks now, but organizers foresee an area where New Horizons clients can occupy themselves while beautifying the community.

“We wanted to start a client-run project on land owned by New Horizons,” said New Horizons Finance Director Deb Clark. “We asked local people and businesses if they’d like to join us, and we’ve gotten a great response. It’s growing, and we’re close to planting some things. Right now we’re designing some growing beds that can be accessed by people in wheelchairs.”

Clark said the facility’s staff has visions of farmers markets and wine-tasting exhibitions at the community garden, which will grow on the 2000 block of Moyo Drive. With a gazebo and canopy, Clark said the facility could host Havasu events at the community garden.


“We wanted to get the community together, and give clients a chance to make use of this empty piece of land,” Clark said. “We’re a little behind schedule, but within the next few months we should start planting. The spirit of the thing is to involve the whole community.”

The garden, named for New Horizons founder Les Galst, will offer assortments of flowers, herbs, trees and vegetables in the downtown area. The entrance to the garden has already been erected, and according to Clark, an irrigation system will soon be installed on the property.

According to New Horizons officials, Havasu residents interested in community gardening efforts may come to New Horizons’ monthly committee meetings, which are held at 10 a.m. on the first Wednesday of each month, at 2045 Moyo Drive.

Work on the project is expected to continue into 2018.