ASU Havasu prepping for a community garden

December 15, 2017 GMT

At the far end of the Arizona State University Lake Havasu City campus, is a space that is no bigger than a hotel pool. In fact, this was what it once was prior to the school purchasing the hotel and turning it into dorm rooms.

Now, the space is being transformed into a community garden.

Through the efforts of ASU professors Josh Fishlock, Rebecca Lidstrom and Jenna Lowder, joined by ASU Eco Club members – and a donation of wood and soil from John Smith’s Dump truck and Backhoe – the garden has begun to take shape.

“When it’s finished, the garden will be available for the community to rent out, because we really want to bring them on campus,” Fishlock said. “We really wouldn’t be here without the community and we want to give back and be involved with them as much as we can.”

As part of the rental agreement, the school will provide a 3 X 6-foot planter and water for $40-$50 annually.

“People can plant whatever they want,” Fishlock. “If they want succulents, that’s great. If they want fruits or vegetables, that’s great too. Hopefully we can also attract some of the master gardeners from the community to come in and give classes.”

The goal is to have at least half of the 20 planters ready by spring. The garden will be open from sunrise to sunset, and will eventually be gated to prevent rabbits from chewing up the garden.

“Hopefully we will also have leftover wood to be able to build some benches,” Fishlock said. “We want people to come and enjoy the greenspace.”

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