Multiple graduation ceremonies make for a festive weekend

June 4, 2018 GMT

“Pomp and Circumstance” was heard far and near in Dodge County this weekend as schools around the county held their graduation ceremonies.

Randolph, Dodgeland, Horicon, Mayville and Waupun all gathered to celebrate the culmination of their students’ high school careers.

Mayville Superintendent Scott Sabol said that the 2018 students in Mayville had earned over $1 million in scholarships. Four-year universities were in the plans of 53 percent of the graduating class. Another 20 percent were looking forward to attending technical school. There were 21 percent planning on going directly to work, and 4 percent were entering the military. The last 2 percent were entering apprenticeships.

“Above all, each graduate will have a purposeful and fulfilled life,” Sabol said.

Of course, he said, there will be problems that will arise, but with those problems, the graduates will gain wisdom.


Waupun’s graduating seniors were described as being close.

“Thus far, we have traveled together on this path,” graduate Camryn Frye said during the student presentation.

Frye said the class was told as sophomores that they were a special group closer than most.

“Our path so far has been the same, but now is the time for us to all choose our own lane,” said graduate Madeline Keach, who joined Frye to deliver a speech titled “Diverging Roads.”

“Very few classes develop togetherness and connect with everyone,” faculty speaker Cindy Frye said.

The students have been able to work together easily all as leaders, workers and with continued support of each other, she said.

“You are like a beautifully well-designed bridge,” Frye said.

However, each piece of that bridge will be going out in the world now and taking what they learned and using it while they make their next steps in life, Frye said.