Staying healthy easy to do in high-rise living

January 11, 2018 GMT

Living in a high-rise doesn’t have to mean you have to give up a healthy lifestyle, or enjoying the outdoors or your neighborhood.

The “walkability” of Houston condominiums, whether for jogging, walking, exploring, shopping or dining, is one of the factors attracting homeowners to exactly this kind of residence.

With the sprawl of the city, there are many neighborhoods you can enjoy simply by stepping outside the doors of your condominium.

According to Redfin.com’s Houston’s Top 10 Walkable Neighborhoods, the top three that make the list includes Midtown, with a walk score of 82, neartown-Montrose, whose walk score is 80 and downtown, which has a walk score of 75.


High-rises throughout these areas are able to provide easy access to desirable locations.

In the River Oaks District, home to luxury shopping, fine dining and i-Pic, a premium movie theater, find condominiums such as The Wilshire, The Arabella and Sky House all within short walking distance of the area.

Along the Upper Kirby District, places such as Levy Park, restaurants and many shops are part of the living space for those near the high-rise, 2727 Kirby. Post Oak Boulevard, close to the condominiums Belfiore and Astoria, provides yet another destination for residents with shopping and dining.

The Museum District is also home to numerous walkable possibilities with Hermann Park, various museums and retail catering to residents such as those at the high-rise building, The Mondrian.

Betty Harbourt, senior vice president of marketing for Sudoff Companies, said the appeal of walking to local destinations is that “condominium buyers are looking for an overall lifestyle change.” It’s all about location when looking for exceptional walkability.

“This includes moving in to a building that is located next to or near great restaurants, shops, parks and retail. Given that most condominium builds are located in urban metropolitan centers, selecting a neighborhood that provides all of those lifestyle attributes is easy,” Harbourt said.

While most high-rises offer on-site amenities for exercising, having the peace of mind that the great outdoors and more is easily accessible for residents makes this lifestyle even more appealing.

“Time has become everyone’s biggest luxury in life,” Harbourt said. “When less time is spent in the car driving to work or even to dinner, the luxury of time becomes an added value in life and reducing stress.

“Walking then becomes an option, and is a natural exercise benefit. The excuse of not having enough time to make it to the gym is eliminated making keeping those New Year’s resolutions easier to do.”