Pierre to get taste of Japan in new restaurant

October 27, 2017 GMT

It’ll be a little over a month before one of Northridge Plaza’s newest tenants opens its doors with what promises to be a first-of-its-kind dining experience for Pierre.

Tokyo Japanese Cuisine, which specializes in sushi and sashimi — that’s fresh, raw seafood for those unfamiliar with the popular Japanese culinary creation — plans to open at the end of November or early in December, manager David Chen told the Capital Journal on Wednesday.

The Pierre location actually will be part of an expanding network of restaurants under the Tokyo Japanese Cuisine umbrella. The first restaurant opened about 12 years ago in Sioux Falls, Chen said, when his father moved to South Dakota from New York and started looking to open his own business. Now there are two locations in Sioux Falls, one in Mitchell and one each in Council Bluffs, Iowa and Norfolk, Neb., Chen said. Yet another location is slated to open soon in Aberdeen, he said.


“We do believe Pierre is a great market,” Chen said.

He said Pierre is pretty similar to Mitchell and the Tokyo Japanese Cuisine restaurant in Mitchell has been very successful. Another point in Pierre’s favor is the state Capitol, Chen said.

That there are so many Tokyo Japanese Cuisine restaurants and because his family has been in the business for more than a decade, Chen said, it’s easier to work with their seafood vendor to supply fresh fish to each of the locations.

The nature of the sushi business also tends to make it more seasonal than most other restaurants, Chen said, so there will be some variation in the restaurant’s menu season-to- season and month-to-month. There also will be a full kitchen in the restaurant, so there will be a range of fully cooked Japanese fare available to diners, as well.

“We are so excited to meet with the people of Pierre,” Chen said. “I’m excited to introduce Japanese cuisine to Pierre.”