Latest attempt to allow Sunday hunting in Maine shot down

March 17, 2022 GMT

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — An attempt to open up Sunday hunting in Maine has been shot down in committee.

Hunting big game animals such as bears and moose is a popular activity in Maine, but the state is home to a law that bars hunting on Sunday. The Maine Legislature’s Committee on Inland Fisheries and Wildlife voted against a proposal to end the ban on Monday.

There have been many attempts to repeal or alter the ban over the years and none have succeeded. The latest proposal, from Democratic Sen. Jim Dill of Old Town, would have allowed Sunday hunting in parts of northern Maine. It also would’ve allowed Sunday hunting in parts of southern Maine with permission from landowners.

The Maine Professional Guides Association, which represents guides who assist hunters and outdoorspeople, opposed the change. Don Kleiner, testifying on behalf of the group, said the proposal is problematic because it “creates a situation where some of our member businesses become winners and others economic losers simply because of their location in the state,” among other reasons.

The full Maine Legislature can still vote on the proposal, but it’s unlikely to pass without the support of the committee.