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Murphy’s Law applies to motherhood

February 16, 2017 GMT

While sitting in a doctor’s office the other day, I saw a framed list of Murphy’s Law scenarios and was laughing out loud before the doctor came in. Later I tried to find a copy of that list on the internet and found “Murphy’s Law for Moms.” Since my kids and I proved these sayings to be true a long time ago, I thought I would share them so young mothers might find comfort in knowing “it’s just life.” • If you wear black, they will have a runny nose. • If you wear white, they will have dirty hands. • If you change their diaper, they will immediately poop in the new one. • If you mop the floor, they will spill something (or slip down on it while it’s wet). • If you put on fresh socks, you will immediately step in whatever was spilled. • If it is perfect, they will fix that for you. • If you say it, they will repeat it. • If it’s important, they will forget it. • If you’re tired, they will not be. • If you love them, you will see the beauty in it all! It’s true I have found all of the above to be right on target – and now I get to laugh as I watch my children experience the same. When I hear their stories, all I can do is laugh while I see flashbacks. That type history does repeat itself! But I do try to remind the moms that in such a short time, the spills and the dirty floors are forgotten and the good times are what we remember. The dandelion bouquets and handfuls of buttercups at the front door, swinging high in the tree swing and building playhouses in the side shed overshadow the messy and stressful times. How quickly they grow up and leave us moms looking back to wonder how it all happened so fast. ...Then the good news is that those who are blessed with grandchildren get to do it all over again! But usually not around the clock like before. Last night I laughed aloud while on the phone with our younger daughter as she told me what her kids were doing in the background – sounded so much like times at our house when she was their age. …So life is full of tiring challenges - but life is good. When there are adventurous children in families who love each other, the messy days are quickly forgotten and the joyous times flood our memories. To wrap it all up, I like to think that’s how God looks at us as well. He has watched us make some pretty good messes along the way, but He forgave us and forgot our bad actions. Like loving moms, God cherishes us and sees the beauty of it all! (Lora Ann Huff is a Wenasoga resident and special columnist for the Daily Corinthian. Her column appears Friday. She may be reached at 1774 CR 700, Corinth, MS 38834.)