New ‘TREK’ trailer taps into hilarity and spirituality with ‘Mormon cosplay’

February 1, 2018 GMT

If you grew up a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, odds are you’re familiar with the concept of a pioneer trek — countless youth groups donning pioneer duds and dragging handcarts across desert trails to tap into the spiritual experiences of their faithful ancestors.

Such experiences can be powerhouses of spirituality, but also come with an ample helping of mishap and hilarity, which is the foundation of Excel Entertainment’s new film, “TREK” the Movie, coming to theaters April 6 and introduced today with a trailer debut.

Excel Entertainment is known for their distribution of noted films such as “The Work & The Glory,” “17 Miracles” and “The Cokeville Miracle,” but that’s not the only unique connection for “TREK.” The film was written by Jon Enos as well as David Howard, who is known as the writer behind “Galaxy Quest.”

“TREK” follows a teenage Mormon named Tom and his friends as they experience a reenactment of a pioneer handcart journey.


“We couldn’t be more excited for people to see the trailer,” said Excel Entertainment director Arthur VanWagenen. “The trailer gives a great taste of this funny and poignant film. ‘TREK’ is definitely not the typical Mormon-genre film. It tells a thoroughly modern coming-of-age tale of teenagers becoming modern day pioneers.”

View the trailer above or by following this link. More details on the film can be found at