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L’Chic adds unique services to its offerings

May 9, 2019 GMT

SCOTTSBLUFF — Inside a small building in Scottsbluff lies a world of wonders, beauty and healing.

L’Chic Salon is so much more than just a place for hair. It is home to a variety of businesses for your needs.

Seven months ago, Laurel Morava installed a salt cave. As you enter the room, the lighting is meant to calm you. The 200 pounds of Himalayan salt mixed with sand on the floor and the Himalayan salt bricks on the wall are said to have healing properties to help with issues such as inflammation or if you’re getting sick and helps to remove toxins and impurities, she said.

“The Himalayan salt turns the positive ions into negative ions,” Morava said. “The negative ions are calming, the positive are what make us uncomfortable and nervous.”

The salt cave costs $29 for 45 minutes per person, but Morava also offers healing teas and plays music at a certain frequency that can also help you.


“It gets you out of your head and causes you to relax so your body can start to heal,” she said. “Being in your head too much holds us back.”

Many people still know the building as Cafe de Paris, which was known for the enticing food that was served. Morava decided to stop serving food about a year and a half ago.

“We were busy and it was good food,” she said. “It was because I was exhausted and burned out.”

She pushed her boutique, Whimsical Wears, forward to put more focus on it. Morava specializes in lace and hopes that when people hear the words Whimsical Wears, they will think more of something dressy, but not formal wear that you can wear at a wedding or with jeans.

“There is a lot of lace that is nicely made, but inexpensive,” she said.

In the children’s line, there is more of a selection of clothing for girls, particularly the Ruffle Butts line, but there are items of clothing for boys.

“It’s hard to find cool little boy things,” she said. “And I try to have things that you can’t find anywhere else.”

Photographers Jessica Mikoloyck, who does business as SunnyFreckles Photography, and Alex Nation are also in the building. There is also a reiki room for healing and tarot card readings. In another room, there is a massage chair with relaxing music, which doubles as a classroom for reiki or healing bowls. Morava describes L’Chic Salon as a one-stop-shop for most things.

Morava’s Crystal Clear Healing Center is also located among the suites of shops. She has a variety of items for sale, including crystals, stones, jewelry, sage incense, crystal balls and top hats. Morava makes some of the items in the store, such as the wrapped stones. Each one has its own character and style. She can also do custom pieces.

The Cafe de Paris suites still serve up coffee and treats.

“We couldn’t get rid of the coffee or my coffee people and the sweets are my passion,” she said.


Morava’s favorite is sponge candy, a kind of toffee that is airy. Her customers’ favorite is glazed pecan turtles. She also makes her own marshmallows.

Morava stocks a variety of herbs available for sale, including oat straw, motherwort, catnip and a variety of teas. Contrary to what most people think, catnip is not just for cats. According to Morava, it is relaxing for humans, has vitamins A, B and C, and can be brewed and used as a dandruff rinse.

There is no caffeine within any of the herbs Morava sells. Morava also said no one at her business is certified to prescribe anything and encourages people to be careful and know how the herbs could potentially affect them.

She makes elderberry syrup, chokecherry syrup and fire cider.

“The fire cider is the same recipe that was made at Standing Rock in the medic tent,” she said. “My sister comes in and makes that.”

Another part of the business is the individual salons, where each stylist has their own space decorated with their own personality. There are two nail techs and a part-time employees room that two women share. Hollie Woodrum is a licensed massage therapist and has her shop within L’Chic Salon. Morava said there are plans to turn a waiting room into another room for massage therapy.

L’Chic Salon is located at 13 W. 16th St. and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.