Culture Breads launches Kickstarter campaign

November 16, 2017 GMT

Culture Breads is raising money through Kickstarter for a brick-and-mortar location in Spokane’s South Perry District.

Proprietor and bread baker Shaun Duffy Thompson has been selling his artisan loaves through a subscription service as well as through wholesale accounts, including Rocket Market.

He’s hoping to raise $20,000 to open a bread bake shop and cafe in the neighborhood where he lives in early 2018.

Thompson Duffy specializes in baking bread with ancient, heritage or landrace grains, such as spelt, einkorn, rye, Egyptian barley and Khorasan, Turkey Red and Red Russian wheats.

Artisan bread is trending. Bakeries across the country are milling their own flours and baking bread in wood-fired ovens. Thompson Duffy plans to do both – with grain grown within about an hour’s drive from Spokane. That’s one of the things that makes Culture Breads stand out from other artisan bread bake shops.


The remodel is already underway. And construction on the wood-fired oven is slated to start Nov. 27. The all-or-nothing Kickstarter campaign runs through 11 a.m. Dec. 13. Backing starts with a donation of $10.

For $100, backers will receive a bag of house-milled flour, sourdough starter and a recipe. A pledge of $250 earns donors their name on the bake shop’s oven. For $500, backers will receive a wood-fired dinner for two with four courses. Get a wood-fired baking class for five people with a donation of $1,000.

Rewards continue to donations of $5,000. They are: wood-fired eight-course dinner for four for $2,000; wood-fired pizza party for 15 people for $2,500; and a wood-fired pig or lamb roast for 20 people for $5,000.

For more information, reach Thompson Duffy at