Roughly 750 enjoy Thanksgiving in the Valley

November 23, 2018 GMT

SCOTTSBLUFF —The 35th annual Thanksgiving in the Valley provided meals to around 750 people Thursday.

Ahead of the meal, volunteers arrived at the Guadalupe Center early to prepare and set out all the Thanksgiving fixings like turkeys, mashed potatoes, corn and pies.

During this year’s meal, the Scottsbluff Bearcat boys basketball team helped set up the event and packaged 400 meals for delivery.

“As a team, we just want to show the community we are out here to help,” said junior point guard Jasiya Deollos. “We’re just thankful that they come out and support us every night, so we want to do the same for them.”

The Thanksgiving meals are delivered throughout the greater Platte Valley.

The players helped in the kitchen to package meals and then helped the community members carry their meals to the tables at the Guadalupe Center.

While the public comes to the center for a Thanksgiving meal, Rhalene Katus of Bayard said she also comes because she likes to socialize.


“I like to meet new people and the food is absolutely wonderful,” she said. “It’s just a wonderful community gathering.”

Katus and her husband, Dennis, have attended Thanksgiving in the Valley for eight years. They have volunteered to deliver meals, serve the food at the center and clean up after the event. Out of all their volunteer responsibilities, she said she enjoys the cleanup because it is hard, but rewarding work.

“We’re fortunate and it feels good to help people who may be struggling a little,” said Dennis Katus.

“Or people who simply aren’t struggling but are alone and simply want friendship,” added Rhalene Katus.

As the kitchen staff began serving meals to patrons at the Guadalupe Center, they enjoyed being surrounded by members of the community who also wanted to give back.

One of the volunteers, Deborah Gardner, shared about her volunteering experience.

“I like to serve the people and give back and help out.”

Anja Kepper also helped serve meals during the 35th annual Thanksgiving in the Valley.

“When I’m much older, I hope there is a place like this so I’m not lonely,” she said.

With plates of Thanksgiving turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn and stuffing lined down the tables in the center, the community came together to give back and show their thanks in the true spirit of the holidays.