Brownsville to vote on border wall opposition

August 1, 2017 GMT

The Brownsville City Commission will vote Tuesday on a resolution opposing the construction of a border wall in the city and other parts of the border region.

The resolution will be introduced by commissioners Rose M.Z. Gowen and Cesar De Leon.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. in the commissioners chambers located at 1001 E. Elizabeth St.

According to the resolution, the majority of Brownsville residents oppose the border wall and “can attest” to the fact that it had not improved security. Rather, the border wall has “negatively impacted our beautiful land and ecosystem.”

The resolution also states it has impacted landowners by decreasing property values and “locking them out of their country.”

A border wall will hinder tourism, decrease the economic security of Brownsville and hinder the trade relationship with Mexico, a part of the resolutions reads.

It states that ecotourism could be impacted by construction of a border wall, including at the Sabal Palm Sanctuary, Nature Conservancy Brownsville Preserve, Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge, and the National Butterfly Center. These are not only the anchors to the ecotourism industry but are also some of the most “pristine habitat for endangered species in the United States.”


The resolution also states: “The additional wall will increase the presence of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) putting our neighbors at a higher risk of deportation, loss of job and destruction of families by separating parents from children.”

The billions of dollars that have been requested for the border wall could be better used for new infrastructure, job development and security, child care, after school programs, quality education, comprehensive health care systems and any other needs for the Brownsville community, the resolution states.

President Donald Trump has requested $1.6 billion for the wall’s construction. The House last week passed a spending bill to help fund the wall’s construction. The Senate has yet to act.