New Lebanon finds a way to shut off the gym lights at night

March 29, 2019 GMT

GREENWICH — Electricians added a switch to manually shut off the gym lights at New Lebanon School, which have been burning late into the night for the last few weeks.

“The situation has been rectified,” at least temporarily, said Steve Walko, the building committee chair.

The gym lights in the new building were lit during the night after the school opened in February, a temporary problem causing concerns of light pollution among neighbors. Building project officials said last week the problem should be fixed before or during April break.

The new school building opened for all students in February, but work is ongoing: Fences are being installed around the old school building in preparation for its demolition, which is expected to be completed into the summer break, and work on finishing details in the new school building is occurring after school and on Saturdays.


Last week, neighbors noticed the gym lights were on as late into the night as 2 a.m, shining through the large gym windows.

New Lebanon has a complex system that harvests daylight to power the lights, but one part of the system, which controls turning off the lights, has yet to be installed, programmed and adjusted, Steve Walko said.

While the electricians and the construction company, Gilbane, worked toward a permanent solution, their temporary fix was to lower the shades to limit light pollution, he said.

“I’m thankful that this was brought to our attention,” Walko said last week. “No one wants bright lights.”